Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Why I left the British Armed Forces for entertainment – Adeniyi Adenuga

Adeniyi Adenuga is a British trained retired military officer. He is one of those few personnel that retired from such a prestigious force to try some other career at a young age.

Adeniyi Adenuga’s journey serves as a remarkable example of how diverse skills, passion, and dedication can converge to unlock extraordinary potential within the entertainment industry. His story is a beacon for those seeking to bridge the gap between different professional domains, showcasing that excellence knows no boundaries.

He narrates his transition and especially his love and passion for entertainment in this interesting interview.

Can you share with us your journey from the British armed forces to the entertainment sector?
Thank you for having me. My journey has been quite the adventure. It all started with a degree in Event Management from the University of East London, which laid a strong foundation for my career. But it was during my time in the British armed forces that I honed critical skills in leadership, teamwork, and adaptability. I was fortunate to receive commendations and recognition for my service, which showcased my dedication and capabilities.

That’s impressive. How did your experience in the British armed forces shape your transition into the corporate world?
The armed forces taught me discipline, precision, and the ability to work under pressure, which are all incredibly valuable skills in any sector. When I transitioned into the corporate world as a Stakeholder’s Associate and Ambassador at Bluecity Bollore Group, I was able to effectively manage relationships with key stakeholders, surpassing their needs and expectations. This role allowed me to showcase my exceptional communication and interpersonal skills and create lasting partnerships.

Your journey is truly diverse. What motivated your shift into the entertainment industry?
My passion for event management was always there, and it was calling me. I decided to take the plunge into the entertainment industry and became an Event Coordinator for Amapiano Fest. This role allowed me to orchestrate large-scale events, ensuring they ran seamlessly and that attendees had exceptional experiences. My attention to detail, organizational abilities, and problem-solving skills were pivotal in the success of these events.

It’s fascinating to see how your journey has unfolded. How do you see your diverse skill set benefiting both the corporate and entertainment sectors?

My unique blend of skills, including leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and a keen eye for detail, positions me as a valuable asset in any team or organization. Whether it’s event project management or stakeholder relations, I believe that my commitment to excellence and exceptional interpersonal abilities make me an invaluable addition.

What message would you like to share with corporate and entertainment stakeholders who may be considering similar career transitions?
I’d like to encourage everyone to follow their passion and believe in the power of transferable skills. Don’t be afraid to take that leap into a new sector if it aligns with your interests and strengths. Diverse experiences can be seamlessly combined to create something truly extraordinary.

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