Wednesday, August 9, 2023

There Is A Level You’ll Get To As A Man That You’ll Stop Looking At Backsides Or Cleavage – Blessing CEO


 Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO stated in a video she posted on Facebook.
Controversial relationship expert, Blessing CEO has made public her observation about men.
She said that there is a time in a man's life that he will not be moved by a woman's backside or cleavage.
Blessing CEO made the statement in a Facebook post.
She said: “I’ve been married before and I thought it was all about love but when I got into the marriage, I realized that there is so much work in marriage.

There is a level you will get to as a man that you will stop looking at backsides and cleavage. You will be looking for a woman who can add something into your life. I’ve loved some men that I had to let go because I knew that it would be a future disaster to end up with such men.”

Watch video below:

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