Monday, June 19, 2023

Woman Who Woke Up In Coffin During Her Wake Dies 7 Days Later


Ecuadorian woman, Bella Montoya has died.
The 76-year-old caused a stir after she woke up inside a coffin during her wake.
She has now died after seven days in hospital.
Montoya had surprised guests at her wake by knocking on her coffin earlier this month but she died on Friday, after a week of intensive care.
The woman, also a retired nurse, was declared dead by doctors after she suffered a possible stroke and cardiopulmonary arrest.
According to Ecuador’s health ministry, Montoya could not respond to resuscitation efforts.
Montoya’s family had previously gathered for a wake at a funeral home on June 9, just hours after she was declared dead by doctors the first time. However, everything came to a stop when they heard a sound coming from inside the coffin.

Her son, Gilberto Barbera, told the Associated Press, the sound gave everyone a “fright.” He also said his mother’s condition remained dire, and she was returned to the hospital immediately.
Barbera, however, informed the publication that doctors at the hospital where his mother was rushed after the wake confirmed Montoya dead on Friday evening.
The health ministry disclosed that Montoya died from an ischemic stroke, but didn’t disclose the investigation surrounding the case.
Montoya’s sister had also filed a formal complaint about the incident and is hoping to find out the doctor who had declared her dead.
Meanwhile, the woman’s remains have been sent back to the same funeral home where she previously regained consciousness.
Her son said she would be buried at a public cemetery.

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