Monday, October 3, 2022

Oscars Committee Rejects Kunle Afolayan’s Movie ‘Anikulapo’, Nigerians React

 ‘Anikulapo’ premiered on Netflix and cinemas across Nigeria on September 30, 2022, and received several accolades from many Nigerians.

Veteran Nigerian filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan's latest movie ‘Anikulapo’ has been rejected by the Oscars.
The news came ahead of the 2023 award.
Oscars is an awards academy for artistic and technical merit for the American and international film industry. The awards are regarded by many as the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry worldwide.
‘Anikulapo’ had premiered on Netflix and cinemas across Nigeria on September 30, 2022, and received several accolades from many Nigerians.

Announcing the latest development on Twitter, the filmmaker said he would keep up with the good works amidst the rejection of his movie by the Nigeria Oscar selection committee.
He tweeted: “I am so pleased and delighted that the whole world have decided to tagged ANIKULAPO film “a masterpiece “ even though the Nigeria Oscar selection committee think it’s not worth submitting for the Oscars. Will keep making doing my own thing.”
See reactions below:
yinkkky wrote: “Beautiful masterpiece I look forward to watching your movies. Loved the display and projection tradition and culture as usual. The rich contents and originality in the movie is topnotch. Thanks for gracing our screens with this”
damfel.0la wrote: “great movie i must say..Love is not enought to leave everything behind”
the_dreaded_shrew wrote: “You don’t need their validation anyways … even the blind can see your genius … we meuveeeeeee”
illskillss wrote: “The same movie I was watching on Netflix, I hit pause on the tv remote and went to filmhouse to start watching all over again. Saro has been a bad boy”
gbekes_touche wrote: “It’s a great movie, I was glued to my phone till the movie ended, they should hold their Oscar, majority carries the vote so Anikulapo wins”

february25cocktails wrote: “I have watched the movie twice, and I enjoyed it especially the parting word ‘When you choose an action be ready to face the consequence’ The actors casted fits every role…….. E ku ise, eyin loga”
debolalagos wrote: “It was such a delight to watch! Greater honor will be placed on your shoulders soon by Gods grace. Eku ise takun takun.”
Bimbo Ademoye, Kunle Remi Ruin ‘Anikulapo’ With Nude Scene
The latest Nigerian movie ‘Anikulapo’ produced by Kunle Afolayan, shows that Yoruba Nollywood is gradually taking the entire industry to greater heights.
Unarguably, ‘Anikulapo’ is a fantastic piece of work with beautiful props and costumes and its scenery is extremely inviting and pleasing.
Some netizens said the movie would have been perfect for moonlight tales and educational stories for children as the lessons centred on greed, unfortunately, the two lead characters, Bimbo Ademoye and Kunle Remi ruined it with what many termed ‘unnecessary nude’ scenes.
The movie had a scene where the youngest wife of the Alaafin (Bimbo) raped Saro (Kunle), a travelling clothes weaver.
Also, the duo took off their clothes to have sex with Bimbo’s breasts and Kunle’s buttock showing clearing in the scene.
Although the movie is rated 18+, many Nigerians expressed displeasure over the nude scene stating it was totally unnecessary for such beautiful work.

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