Wednesday, December 30, 2020

"False rape accusation doesn't compare to rape victims who speak out and still get no justice" Latasha Ngwube and Toolz debate punishment for false rape accusations

Media personality Latasha Ngwube has reacted after her colleague Toolz Oniru-Demuren called for stiffer punishments for those who falsely accuse others of rape.


Latasha agreed that false rape accusation is condemnable and destroys life but she pointed out that cases of false rape accusations do not compare to the many cases of victims who speak up yet do not get justice.


She added that calling for tough punishments on "women who allegedly falsely accuse men is opening a door that will eventually do more harm than good."


Latasha continued: "The odds are already not in the favor of the abused survivors.


"A clever rapist can simply take advantage of the loopholes."


She pointed out that some of those who are vocal about false rape accusations are rape apologists.


She then said that we need a system that works so that it is easier to prove rape cases and get justice for rape victims so as to reduce cases of false rape accusations.


Latasha and Toolz eventually agreed that we need a justice system that works, rape kits at the lowest levels so that it's  easily accessible, guaranteed safety of witnesses free from intimidation, and better forensic training on evidence collection.


This way, it'll be easier to identify real rape cases and false rape accusers will think twice about making unfounded claims.


Read their debate below.


"False rape accusation doesn

"False rape accusation doesn

"False rape accusation doesn

"False rape accusation doesn

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