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Saturday, December 14, 2019

If You're Friends With A Runs Girl, You're A Runs Girl Too - Joro Olumofin

Joro olumofin has broken many tables after speaking on a very controversial relationship topic.
Joro olumofin
Joro Olumofin
Relationship therapist and Blogger, Joro olumofin has taken to his social media page to talk about guilt by association as he maintained that any girl who is close friends with and enjoys benefits from a runs girl is equally a runs girl.
Joro wrote:

"Based on Psychometrics and Direct Observation from my work as a Relationship therapist & Blogger. I’ve gathered that Runs Girls constitute 80% of marital cataclysm and scourge because a Married man is a Runs Girls 9-5 Job / Entrepreneurship. Without Married men a Runs Girl can’t flourish. This being said. If you’re friends with a Runs Girl and you’ve benefited from her work. Eg

If you’ve collected (A) Hair, (B)Money (C)Recharge Card (D) Free Vacation / Hotel Accommodation or Rent (E) Party invitations, Clothes.
BREAKING NEWS : You’re a Runs Girl too and you’ve inherited her body count and all the baggage that come with it. You’ve encouraged her actions which is hurting an innocent wife somewhere. Your cognitive faculty identifies as a runs girl but the right opportunity hasn’t presented itself for you to manifest your “Id” Personality as a True Runs girl."

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