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Thursday, December 5, 2019

I’m A P0rn Star But Many People See Me As A Pr0stitute – Nollywood Actress Says

A Nigerian ad*lt entertainer, who has massive tattoos inked on several parts of her body, says getting people to understand that her personality is different from her chosen career has become a herculean task.
In an exclusive interview with Pulse, Uglygalz, revealed:

“I am a p*rn actress, I do adult entertainment movies or what is called p0rn films. I have been called a s*x worker several times. People mistake me for those who have s*x for money. I am an actress first and foremost and I get paid for acting aside enjoying what I do. Again, I have an opinion on who I choose to act with, there are protocols and several people are on the set but many people don’t see it this way, they still feel, it’s money for s*x.
Nollywood actress, Mareme says she enjoys teasing and making guys have a hard-0n and it’s one of her source of inspiration for acting in p0rn.
“Often, I get calls from unknown men demanding s*x from me. I recently got a call from a man, who said he got my number from my website and wanted to have s*x with me for two rounds and I got so irritated that I just ended the call and blocked the number.”
I remember when I was 17, I used to have this book, where I wrote down the names of people I have had s*x with and the situation that led to the s*x and my sister’s husband saw the book and he flogged me mercilessly,” she revealed.
Uglygalz goes on a memory lane of how she had s*x with people in the past before deciding to go into acting p0rn films. “I enjoy teasing and making guys have a hardon.” she began.
“I almost got expelled from school for having s*x with my principal. I was the one who actually l*red him into it and later, people got to find out and I was almost expelled but in my university days, I willingly traded s*x for grades especially for courses I found hard passing.”
The runchy star’s parents found out about her budding adlt film career after a couple of videos went viral. She says her family has been supportive and has always been around her to give her the necessary support and encouragement needed.

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