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Sunday, March 3, 2019

OPC Warns Biafrans Against Attack On Any Yoruba Territory

The Oodua People’s Congress has warned the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra against attack on any Yoruba territory based on the alleged attack on Igbo in Lagos State.

The warning was issued by the President of OPC Rasaq Arogundade, in a statement made available to SUNDAY PUNCH in Lagos.
The statement read,
“The Igbo are again exhibiting lack of contentment and appreciation of divine goodness in their lives. Where in Igboland are strangers accorded the privileges being enjoyed by Igbo in Lagos and Yorubaland? Igbo have lived peacefully in Lagos and the entire Yorubaland for ages. They carry out their business and own property unmolested.
“As a matter of correction, there is no single Igbo stronghold in Lagos or any other part of Yorubaland. What exist are areas of high concentration of Igbo dwellers, who live side by side other immigrants and indigenes.”

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