Thursday, June 23, 2022

EXPLAINED: Six Simple Steps To Transfer Your PVC

 However, many people who had previously registered but changed locations of residence are somewhat confused about what to do.


Many Nigerians have continued to express readiness to exercise their franchise by voting for candidates of their choice as the much anticipated 2023 general elections draw near.

Nigerians who hitherto have never been registered to vote or just attained the voting age of 18 within the last 4 years have utilized the opportunity provided by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to register for Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).

However, many people who had previously registered but changed locations of residence are somewhat confused about what to do.

This is partly due to insufficient information on how to transfer their registrations to the new locations or the purported cumbersome process many of them believe is involved in doing so.

All you need to guide against is that you are not indulging in double registration which is a criminal offence. As revealed in recent times, the electoral commission weeded out cases of double registrations in its ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) across the country.

The advent of technology and its incorporation into our electioneering system has made a lot of things easier and more accessible.

To transfer your PVC, one does not have to join the long queues at INEC offices. All you need is a mobile phone and access to internet, as this can be done seamlessly in a few steps from the comfort of your homes. What are the steps involved?

Visit INEC registration portal 

Visit the INEC registration portal on cvr.inecnigeria.org and go to Services, then click on Voter Transfer.

Create account 

The next step is to create an account using your email address. You need to be sure that the email is active and you can access it easily.


After creating an account, you will need to login with your email address and open the link sent to you in your email.

Filling form

You then have to fill out the form provided and your new address. Ensure to go through your application to avoid errors before you save.

Uploading photos

Having completed the filling of the form, use your mobile phone to take snapshots and upload two of your photos (one with a serious face and the other with a smiling face).

Submitting application

If the photos are approved, the final step is to submit the form and wait for INEC to notify you via email and phone on your PVC pickup location, which will definitely be around your new location. This is done after the commission must have produced the cards.


Source: Daily Trust

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