Thursday, October 21, 2021

Get Familar : Asoebitiwaonline.com

There is no need to buy wedding fabrics in large quantities from suppliers. We will sell and distribute your Aso-Ebi materials to your guest directly from the supplier at your price while you make your profit.

Look for suppliers from our verified suppliers www.asoebitiwaonline.com/world-suppliers or get a supplier by yourself.

Contact our list of verified suppliers via Whatsapp for sample materials and negotiate to get the best price from the supplier.

Create a group Whatsapp chat with our customer care agent and each selected supplier for us to take note of the final price agreed.

Purchase samples of all products negotiated for both men and women.

Please take a good picture of the owanbe materials and send it via Whatsapp or send it to our Lagos office for better photography.

Send a minimum of two pre-wedding pictures and a short pre-wedding video to us via email or Whatsapp, and also send details of the event, e.g., Type of
event, Location, Event center, and Type of celebrity to showcase the event on our website.

Decide on the selling price you intend to sell aso-ebi material to your family and friends, and also send us the price detail for both male and female aso-ebi materials.

We will create a product page for the male and female versions of the aso-ebi.

The product page will include all details of the event, the male and female versions of the product page are sent to you to share with your family and friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media for fast and easy purchases. 

We will send a list of daily purchases to you.


 We expect to get invitations, and access cards for all purchased asomaterial on our platform, in-order to repack before delivery for your guests.

We charge 10% of Total sales

We handle delivery to all guests unless we agree otherwise.



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