Monday, March 22, 2021

Man Beats His 14-Year-Old Housemaid For Refusing To Have Sex With Him In Lagos (Photo+Video)

 A man has attacked his 14-year-old housemaid after she refused his seual advances.

Man assaults housemaid
Man assaults housemaid
A Nigerian man has been arrested for allegedly brutalizing his 14 year-old househelp because she refused to have sex with him.
Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy shared the sad story on her Instagram page.
The Nollywood actress wrote;
The little girl is just 14years old .. he did this to her because she refused to have sex with him���
Sometimes I ask just one question, What do men want?? What is it that a girl of 14 has that your wife doesn’t have, it’s really painful that a girl left her parents to come live and serve you, then you want to turn her into a sex slave�� it has to stop ......
Plss help tag the right authorities...
This happened this morning at Badore where we are currently filming., this house girl from Calabar was brutally beaten up by the man of the house because she refused to have sex with him...
We have arrested him but don’t want him to go free from this atrocity..
Let’s help her get justice �������Tag anyone that will help save her and reunite her with her parents,because she is a result of child trafficking..
Plss help me tag the right authorities to this
How can one be saying I’m clout chasing with a case as sensitive as this �� ...
I’m a woman, I can’t stand and see my little sister like this heaven knows that head will roll... I don’t know her From anywhere but I was touched when I saw what A so called guardian did to someone’s daughter �were is your conscience ? If your daughter or sister is brutally beaten like this because of her refusal to have sex a beast ..
tell me how will you feel?? If you come to tell me rubbish I swear on Gaaaaaaaaaaaad I will rubbish you ...

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