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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Police Delaying Payment Of Dad’s Death Benefit Since 2003 Despite 30 Years Of Service – Son Speaks

Police officers

File photo

Stanley Jasmiel, a Nigerian man, has spoken about the delay in the payment of his late police father's benefits.

The man cried out over the nonpayment of his police father's death benefit to the family since his demise in 2003.

Speaking with SaharaReporters, Stanley said his father, Jasmiel Aliyuda, was in active service for over 30 years before his death.

He was killed during a clash with soldiers in mufti.

He lamented that the untimely death of his father and inability to get the deceased's benefits made his family relocate to their village in Adamawa State from Delta State.

He said, "My dad was a senior inspector of police, he worked in Delta State for many years. I was born and brought up in Delta State. A year before his death, he was transferred to Jigawa and had plans to take us to Jigawa before he had a fight with a group of soldiers, and sustained injury that led to his death. This was in August 2003.

"Till date my dad's death benefit has yet to be paid to us and we are suffering in the village. The police at Jigawa State know about the issue. I have some documents of the case from the signals sent by the police in Delta State to Jigawa police command. In fact, it was Jigawa police that took his corpse to Adamawa for burial.

"My brother keeps going to demand for the death benefit but he is always faced with different challenges and difficulties in the offices he goes to. They usually ask him at the police headquarters in Jigawa State to provide some documents which he can't have access to."

Stanley said the documents requested are in Delta State Police Headquarters but the command claims the documents are in Jigawa State.

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