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A Nigerian photographer, Pipeloluwa, has shared the story of how he was robbed of his money, N55, 000, in broad daylight in Lagos state on Thursday January 28.


Pipeloluwa shared the story on his Twitter handle. It reads;

''Man, I was robbed today. Broad daylight and I couldn’t even do anything. I was so helpless, I’m so sad and destabilized rn. Hate it sm here!

I couldn’t get my client’s job done last week cause I was really sick and was admitted at the hospital. I explained to them and they were kind enough to let me deliver the following week. I decided to do it today, the frame shop doesn’t accept transfer cause I think they have issues w their account or stuff so you have to pay cash. I went to withdraw at the nearby Wema bank and on my way back to the street where I parked my car to pick up my hard drive, some guys on bike accosted me.

They were saying “give me the money” and initially I wanted to struggle with them but the second guy at the back brought out a cutlass from a black polytene bag and I had to let go. They left with the money with me, 55k.

It’s actually crazy and traumatizing cause this has never happened to me before. Last week, my friend sent a video to our Twitter group of how they robbed a guy of his phone somewhere in Lagos(broad daylight, cutlass and men on bike) and he couldn’t do anything.

It was caught on CCTV and that’s how it went viral. I was still telling my guys to stay safe and be extra careful at all times. If you know me well, you’ll know I’m always extra careful and I try to be Street wise too cause you need it to live in Lagos but tbh today’s experience was beyond me. It was a very quiet street and I’m not even too familiar with the area. So I couldn’t shout for help. Ngl, I’m so pained.

These guys weren’t even wearing masks or anything. I saw their faces. I guess they were trailing me from the bank or stuff. It’s crazy tbh.

Please stay safe guys, Lagos is very wild.''


Nigerian photographer recounts how he was robbed in broad day light in LagosNigerian photographer recounts how he was robbed in broad day light in Lagos

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