Wednesday, October 28, 2020

We met with artisans, okada/micra operators, youths and representatives of End SARS in Ibadan


I assured them that we have listened to all they have said and we will work towards addressing their concerns. On the issue of tax credit for daily payments made by Okada/micra operators, I stated that this will be achieved once the registration of all operators into our database is completed.

On the issue of hackney permits paid twice by these operators, I stated that the relevant ministry will set up a meeting with representatives to ensure that this is resolved. I also gave amnesty for all fines incurred by these operators which are pending as at today.

I encouraged the youths to send representatives to make up the judicial panel of enquiry so that they will be part of the process of the dispensation of justice and also monitor how the initial N500M set up to compensate victims of injustice is utilised. Furthermore, I stated that the youths will be a part of those to monitor how the N500M fund set up for MSMEs is disbursed.

I restated that the police will resume their role in maintaining law and order in Oyo State. The issue of state policing which was raised by one of the groups, is a constitutional matter which will need to be pursued by the legislative arm at the state and federal levels.

However, working with the current structure, Oyo State will have members of the Amotekun Corps in all 351 wards in the state and I will be responsible for their actions. The training for Amotekun Corps will commence on November 1, 2020 and their passing out on November 15, 2020

Finally, I urged everyone present to cooperate with the government in order to achieve the better society which we all desire in Oyo State.

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