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Friday, October 30, 2020

Our Interview With Modeling Sensation Owoade Oluwabamishe Mercy 

 In an exclusive interview with Gisttube9ja , Oluwabamishe opens up about her modelling journey, her dreams and dishes about what’s next for her. Let’s get right into it.

It’s wonderful to be able to chat with you and give our readers and of course your fans, a chance to get to know you. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

*My Name is Owoade Aanuoluwa.

I'm from Ikoyi Town, Osun State, Nigeria!
I was born on December 28, 1996... I am the first child of four children... I studied Logistics and Transportation... My best Colour is Black. 

 How and when were you discovered?  

* I was discovered in December 2015 when I gained admission into the higher institution. My first day on Campus, about 6 different people asked me if I was a Model, I would say No and they were like " Ahhhh! Please don't waste your status and height o" so when I got home that day, I started wanting to know about Modelling both from Goggle and People too. At a point, I fell in love with modelling and I contested for Miss Ebony in My school which I Won.

Going by your portfolio, You are not afraid to take daring photos considering our conservative society. What inspired this boldness?

* I can take daring photos because I see My modelling career as My Business, My Career, My Source of income and mostly, I discovered that whatever you do in this life, people will still talk about you no matter what. So  I became more Bolder because I set a standard for Myself in the Modelling World. What is the point if I am being called for a particular job and I tell the client that " I am sorry, I don't do this particular shoot"??? 
It is what is it.

What are the greatest challenges you currently face as a model?  

* Majorly, the challenges I face most presently is : mostly Men wants to go down with Me before they give me jobs or contracts which is not possible " how many men would I sleep with?...
And another challenge is  when I meet a Guy, Should I say most men believe that Models are not serious set of people in Life? Smiles!!!
He either He's not serious with Me or tell me to quit Modelling.

Did your people support you to be a model  ?  

But it took a while because at first, My parents believed Models are always naked. So, I sat them down and made them see the decent side of modelling and since then they are in support and I promised to make My Mother proud since I lost My Father already.

What do you do when you’re not busy modelling?  

*When I am not busy Modelling, I am busy learning tailoring (Men's tailoring) I am an extrovert. When not on set, I am hanging out, I am clubbing, I am swimming, I am gymming  or travelling ( I love travelling).

  What’s your dream modeling job?

*My dream Modelling Job is to Catwalk on both National international fashion shows, become Airtel Ambassador, Coca-Cola Ambassador, fashion houses, and other Bigger Brands both home and abroad.

Who is your favourite African designer?  

*My favorite African designer is Lisa Folawiyo.

Speaking of food, what is your favourite African food?  

*My favorite African Food is Jollof rice, fried plantain you turkey.

How do you define a brilliant model?  

* A brilliant Model is the one who is Prayerful, Sensible, one who does not misuse opportunities, the creative and the business oriented who can make connections and Money together...

What about a brilliant woman?  

*A brilliant woman is the one who is prayerful, strong and hustling so hard to be enough on her own, who dates one person, fall in Love, make more money with her partner, get married and raise Godly Kids.

Your advice to young models?  

* My personal advice to the up and coming Models is that they should invest well  in their Modelling Modelling career, not to be expecting money at the early stage, to be creative, make some good and amazing photos, go to trainings and auditions, be prayerful and ask for Grace and Mercy to be successful in this Career.

It’s been really nice chatting with you and getting to know the woman behind the shoots. We at Gisttube9ja wish you continued success in all you do. Go on and conquer the world!