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Saturday, September 5, 2020

'We’ve proved size doesn’t matter’ - Curvy plus-sized model, Eudoxie Yao speaks on her love life with her small sized fiance Grand P (photos)


Ivory coast born plus-sized model, Eudoxie Yao has opened up about her relationship with small sized Guinean musician Grand P.


Yao, dubbed “African Kim Kardashian” on social media says she doesn't care what trolls tell her online, as she is serious and in love with the popular small statured Guinean musician Grand P.




Grand P, real name Moussa Sandiana Kaba, was born with progeria, an extremely rare genetic disorder that has affected his physical stature.

Since Yao and Grand P came public with their relationship, social media users have been trolling them saying that the loved-up couple are only together as a marketing stunt for the musician while some claim she is with the musician for money.




Eudoxie Yao maintains that her relationship with the musician is strong, and that "size does not matter".


Videos shared on their social media pages shows the pair swamped by photographers when out in public in their countries.


Taking to Instagram, where she boasts nearly one million followers, Eudoxie wrote: “We are happy together, and this is the most important thing.



"Thank you, everyone, for your support.

"The physical does not count in a relationship.”


Grand P has announced he intends to wed the Ivorian model, but a jealous Eudoxie warned her prospective fiance to stop kissing fans on the mouth.


Alongside a glamorous photo of the couple together, she said: “My fiance Grand P, you claim you want me as your wife.

"But it is always you who kisses your fans on the mouth.
"At this rate, my parents may refuse the marriage.
"Pull yourself together because I know you love me.”


More photos below.



by Linda Ikeji at 05/09/2020 12:47 AM
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Comments (46)


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Emmanuel Kachi about 10 hours ago

Love is does not discriminate.. God bless u both #kachi

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lyrics love about 10 hours ago

odiegwu ...I am just speechless 🙊 to be honest

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VEEKEE FRESH about 5 hours ago

Love is really blind if this is true.. How this man go fit knack this girl well

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Anonymous about 3 hours ago

May God forgive this whore for deceiving this poor man and using him to gain popularity

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Demerciful about 10 hours ago

Nothing person no go see. Chai.!!!

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Cornel about 10 hours ago

Kachi dis Is Mgbaka

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Nadreb says about 10 hours ago

Love is love, it doesn't matter, as long as you happy and compatible

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King-size Somborri about 9 hours ago

A man Must Always Be A Man No Matter The Size. This Thing Called Love is Very Very Strong ooo.

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john kennedy about 9 hours ago

U think say you de wise

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Anonymous about 9 hours ago

Na only bootie go crush that little nigga

Like this! 6Dislike this! 1Reply

Glee about 9 hours ago

Nothing I will not see oo. It's ok

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Endy about 9 hours ago

Something is wrong somewhere, if love is truly blind like the saying goes , I can see on this one ooo...

Like this! 1Dislike this! 2Reply
Ojvibez about 9 hours ago

Lol, this all joke and stunts We all know that, give this a year plus When she's finally fully famous and recognized, this guy story will be over.. Look at all that ass and thickness, you think it's for free??? Next story please

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Ese Asanore about 8 hours ago

This is strange. It is fantastic. Unbelievable.

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Anonymous about 8 hours ago

See how this innocent man has decided to end his life...His village people must be very mean

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Na wao about 8 hours ago

They deserve themselves

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Anonymous about 8 hours ago

Is this really true or just

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Anonymous about 8 hours ago

. . . . .looking like a suicide-manslaughter situation. Egungun be careful. . . .WORD

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Anonymous about 44 minutes ago


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OGOMETU LAWRENCE about 7 hours ago

Lol. Poor guy. I hope she doesn't use him as a sex toy..

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

One of her breasts is even bigger than the man's head. How you wan take climb that mountain?

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

Is her shape natural or artificial?

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

How this small preeq go take nack this big engine I felt fool play

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Ike Any Ede about 7 hours ago

Nawoo I know strongly believe with the say men should stop pursuing women and pursue money first for with money women will marry monekey

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

You wan kill that guy....thats not love

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Anonymous about 7 hours ago

This man no get respect for ass. This mountain before him can kill him @ 1st round of climbing.

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@Matto about 6 hours ago

This love in this pics is scam

Like this! 2Dislike this! 0Reply
Busk Loo about 6 hours ago

i am sure somebody else is screwing that ass

Like this! 4Dislike this! 0Reply
Me home about 6 hours ago

Come oh why una Dey whine this guy like this ?

Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply
Anonymous about 6 hours ago


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Aaron toyin about 5 hours ago

How true is this

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Anna about 5 hours ago

Ohhh please spare me the social media clout bullshit! That's what Gary Coleman and his wife said then later it came out that she didn't have sex with him once after they got married and she was constantly abusing him. Do people really fall for this bullshit or just want to be politically correct so they are not calling this out for what it clearly is? BS

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Anonymous about 5 hours ago

This one no follow for love abegi. Y'all be deceiving yourselves.

Like this! 0Dislike this! 1Reply
Amsickindahead about 5 hours ago

Hw on earth do I b'liv wat I just saw,diz lil nigga must hv got balls,outside da fact dat he is rich..da smallest n littlest nigga in da world banging da biggest booty in africa

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Anonymous about 5 hours ago

When you find love, you find a good thing.

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Sussy about 4 hours ago

Eudoxie it is ok now.pls off the mic.your partner is the man of year 2020.i salute his courage.he must be from space to choose you. I beg what is the title of your comedy?

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Better life about 4 hours ago

Nothing hell rufai picking prick no go see inside petrol. Nawa oh.

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EDGAR DAVIS about 2 hours ago

Surgically enhanced bumbum

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Anonymous about 2 hours ago

Las las the guy go die untimely death, when your village people say, wetin born you go kill you, this is the case, this is suicidal, this is signing one's death warrant, this is dead by hanging, this is gone too soon, this is improper fraction in mathematics. Haha, how can someone decided to end his life by been crushed to death? Please, pray for this guy, be your brother's keeper.

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Anonymous about 2 hours ago

Are you sure it's not "An Assignment"?

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Wuna Onwukwe about 1 hour ago

Do you wish to use him for rituals

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Anonymous about 45 minutes ago

Nna eh! This one pass me to talk. Speechless. Good luck man.

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