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Monday, April 13, 2020

‘We Are All Fake, God Did Not Call Us’- Pastor Confesses

A man of God has made a controversial statement about pastors during a sermon on Sunday.
Reverend Obofour
Reverend Obofour
The founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour on Sunday shocked his church members by making a controversial statement during a church sermon about men of God.
According to GHBase, the man of God stated categorically there’s no pastor in this world who can convince him that he was “called by God” since no pastor can provide any proof for this cliché.
He therefore said no pastor has the right to call the others fake because they are all fake and not called by God.
He illustrated his wild statement by using the swearing in of the president of a country. He explained that in Ghana, it is the Chief Justice that swears in a new president and also the electoral commission that declares the result of election which means there are witnesses.

“Shut up there, who gave you the right to call another pastor fake? We are all one because God has not called any of us. Any pastor who claims God called him should show me the number God called him on and the certificate,” Obofour said.
He also said during the sermon that judgment day awaits all pastors, and this is going to be dangerous since no one knows when and where it is going to start from, whether the “Jubilee House of Flagstaff House.”

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