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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ex-soldier who served with Princes William and Harry dies of coronavirus

A soldier who served in the same regiment as ­Princes William and Harry has died of coronavirus.

Ryan Cartwright, 36, who saw active service in a peacekeeping role in Bosnia, was working as a lorry driver when he fell ill with the virus.

Mr Cartwright is not believed to had any underlying health conditions and leaves behind a daughter with partner Amy Potts.

He is thought to have been planning on rejoining the army, having spent four years in the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment.

On his Facebook page, shortly before his death, Mr Cartwright wrote: 'I can't stay home, I'm a trucker.'

He served in Bosnia from 2002, before Harry and William joined the Blues and Royals in 2006.

Mr Cartwright and his comrades disrupted smuggling into and out of the Northern Area of Responsibility in Republika Srpska.

A former squaddie who knew Mr Cartwright told the Sun: 'He was a great guy and very brave. He was a loyal, but quiet man.'

Another said: 'He was one in a million and the best driver I had in the Army. Always kept me safe. God only picks the best that's why he chose Ryan.'

As of 2018, Mr Cartwright was working for a Gloucestershire haulage firm called Downton Delivers.

It is not known if that was the firm he was working for when he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

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