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Monday, April 6, 2020

COVID-19: UK Residents Set 5G Mast On Fire

The fear that 5G network could prove fatal to the human body has forced people to set masts on fire in the UK.
Masts being set on fire in the UK
Masts being set on fire in the UK
According to Sun UK, conspiracy theorists are reportedly setting phone masts alight and targeting engineers after a bizarre claim 5G “radiation” caused the deadly coronavirus spread.
The theory originated last month after a video filmed at a US health conference claimed Africa was not as affected by the disease because it is “not a 5G region”.
The myth was quickly debunked after the World Health Organisation confirmed there were thousands of COVID-19 cases in Africa.
The government has also confirmed there is “no evidence to suggest that 5G has anything to do with COVID-19”.
Celebs have been slammed for sharing the conspiracy theory, including Jason Gardiner and Callum Best, who posted similar claims that 5G can impact the immune system.
But the claims have still been doing the rounds on WhatsApp via a lengthy voice note – with phone masts now being set alight in the UK.
Engineers are now also being targeted with social media users encouraging each other to destroy the masts in a Stop 5G Facebook group.
Police and fire crews were scrambled to one inferno in Birmingham last night when a 70ft mast erupted in flames.
The cause of the fire is still being investigated but both emergency services were able to confirm the fire was deliberate at this stage.

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