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Monday, March 16, 2020

I'm trying to get Rihanna pregnant, Wizkid reveals

Aswear most people are mad on social media, the way you people force celebrities to say whats not is topnotch, lol.

So wizkid reacted to a viral video of a dad dancing with his three daughters and said he will be like that soon with his kids and then fans went wild, lol.

“My kids and I in a bit,” Wizkid reacted. A fan then replied him and suggested that he should consider getting a female child.

The fan wrote: “Wiz, I think it’s time for a girl child.” The singer simply reacted with; “Hmm.”

Then another fan pleaded with him to get Rihanna pregnant: “Wiz please get Rihanna pregnant.”

And much to the amazement of his fans, the father of three revealed that he is already working on that: ‘I’m trying man ! I’m trying!’ (lmaoooooooo)

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