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Monday, February 3, 2020

Okada ban not looking good, Omojuwa says as he advises Sanwo Olu to give Raji Fashola a call

Japheth Omojuwa, a public speaker, political commentator and social media expert has decided to speak out on the recent ban on okada and kekes in Lagos.

According to him, this is not looking good at all and will make Lagosians go through more hardship.

He wondered the 'transportation experts' who put this in place, saying one needs to think before acting. He however rounded it up by advising Governor Sanwo-Olu to give a former Lagos Governor, Raji Fashola a call on what to do. He Omojuwa believes Fashola has a solution. His tweets...

''What would Fashola do? Create the solution > remove the problem. Not remove the problem to create more problems while pretending to create the solution. Okada & Keke are necessary nuisances. Until you solve that necessity - getting people to their destination - your hurt everyone

''And from the Governor’s previous statements, this ban wasn’t on his agenda. Even looking at what the government is LOOKING to do to cover the gaps created by this policy, this didn’t look like a well thought out plan. It is all looking like a desperate gamble.

''A serious government must at times ignore the pain and do what must be done but within the confines of capacity and opportunities. Lagos doesn’t have the capacity for the okada/maxride etc/keke ban. No opportunities were afforded the people to buy their support either.

''Who are the Transportation experts that designed this plan? I doubt there were. The chaotic consequences of the #Okadaban cannot be said to be unintended. How many people did okadas/kekes move on the banned routes? What were the alternatives presented BEFORE the ban?

''We can’t continue to run a country for 60 years like e yi je e yi o je. Mini mini mani mo. What’s the agenda beyond the slogans? BRF is very much alive, give him a call, “Oga, what would you do?” When will the voters matter? If their votes matter, why don’t their voices count?''

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