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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

FCMB To Sponsor Girl Seen Using ATM Light To Write Her Assignment...See Details

A young girl seen using First City Monument Bank (FCMB) ATM gallery light to do her assignment has gotten a surprise package from the bank.
First City Monument Bank (FCMB) will sponsor the education of a little girl identified as Dele seen doing her homework using the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) gallery light of the bank.
Recall that a concerned Twitter user, Bada Matthew, who apparently went to the bank to make some transactions, spotted Dele squatting on a staircase close to the ATM, as she was on the floor writing her assignment.
Touched by her efforts, Matthew snapped and shared her photo online and urged other users to make it go viral. And it did.
“I saw this little Dele at FCMB Bank along Yaba Road in Ondo City. She is using the ATM Gallery light to do her homework. My respect goes to her determination to make it in life. Let it go viral.”
FCMB management got to see the photo and urged online users to retweet until Dele was located.
“We are inspired by Dele’s determination to study. It’s great our ATM Gallery could light her books for the evening, but we would love to do more to support. Can you please help us find Dele? Please RT until it gets to someone who knows her,” FCMB said in a tweet.
Now, CSP Dolapo Badmus has revealed that the bank has promised to help the girl with her education up to University level.
Dolapo revealed this on her Instagram page and wrote:
“This is what tenacity can cause, don’t give up easily on your goals! She had an assignment, she understands she must achieve it and she went all out not minding the obstacles and challenges! In fact in surmounting her challenges she got a break through! This is a lesson! Let’s face challenges wholeheartedly, like I told the younger ones I mentored few days back! Challenges always lead to promotion, face it, fight it and you will arrive at your destination! Congratulations to this young dedicated and courageous pupil! (THE STORY OF YOUNG DELE THAT USED ATM LIGHT TO DO HER HOMEWORK. THE BANK IS SPONSORING HER EDUCATION TO UNIVERSITY LEVEL AND SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN 1M NAIRA FOR HER FURTHER UPKEEP) THANKS TO THE BANK FOR SUCH GOOD GESTURE OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.. CSR AND THANKS TO THE GREAT SOUL THAT CAPTURED THAT MOMENT FOR US ALL TO SEE”.
See Dolapo's post below: 

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