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Saturday, January 11, 2020

I Don't Do Drugs! Star Hypeman ( Hardvantage ) Ogunsana Ademola...

STAR hypeman and event host, Ogunsana Ademola, who is known as Hardvantage, has said that he doesn’t want to be addressed as “Energy Gad.”


Hardvantage noted that his stage attitude and charisma have made a lot of fans chant the name, but he won’t accept it because he only recognises one person by that name which is Cool FM OAP – Do2tun, a colleague whom he admires and respects so much.



“I’m not Energy Gad. The only brand I recognize as that is Do2tun,” Hardvantage clarified.
“Big shout out to him, I correct people when they address me as Energy Gad. I prefer to be called Hardvantage, MostWantedHost iDAN(Magic), HardvantageofLagos, jungleBoy or Kinmosèré”.
He said: “No! I don’t do drugs or get tipsy! I try to study the audience as soon as I step on stage. Build my strategy, relate with the audience, connect with them and put them in my mood.
“Everyone has his own way of showcasing their talents.  In my case, I make sure my fans look forward to my next line of action, most especially my entrance at major events which always have a message to pass across”.
He further stated that being a hypeman in the entertainment industry is sustainable and will continue to thrive.
“Yes, it is sustainable because years back, no one believed in hype but now, it has turned out to be a craft that cannot be back benched in the entertainment industry today.”

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