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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Wow!! Lady Missing For Years Found After Brother Posted Her Photo On Twitter

Recently, a missing lady was found after her brother posted her photo of Twitter, years after she left home.
According to the man, she left home when he was 5 years old, just after they lost their father and they haven’t seen since then.

He posted her photo on the social media platform and it didn’t take long before she was located
“I literally need yall help. I have a sister I haven’t seen in years, ever since my dad passed on, I’m in a situation where I doubt if she’s here with us or not.. please retweet till I find her PLEASE.
“I was 5-6 years old when I saw her for the last time
“I don’t even know what the fuck is happening on my father’s side of the family…. I have shit load of cousins, uncles etc but im just looking for my sister….”
Someone in the comment section then tagged a lady asking if this isn’t her. It turned out she is the missing lady and she responded to the tweet saying she is the sister he has been looking for.

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