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Monday, December 23, 2019

Two Inter-state Robbers Caught In Lagos

Two notorious robbers have been apprehended by men of the Nigerian police in Lagos state.
Armed robbers
Armed robbers caught in Lagos
Two inter - state robbers who have been breaking into homes and boutiques in Lagos and Ogun State and dispossesing residents of their belongings were on Wednesday arrested by the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad in Oshodi after another successful outing.
The robbers, Gbemi Ogunleye, 45, a fairly used cloth seller in Ijora and Ini Effiong, 32, a road side Gala hawker in Oshodi were arrested in early Wednesday morning after an all night robbery at the resident of one church cleric in Ibafo, Ogun State.
The suspects, in their confessions stated that they break into homes and boutiques in Ibafo at midnight, cart away clothes, mobile phones and electronics.
They added that during the day, they sell the electronic and phones as well as clothes before returning to their respective businesses in Ijora and Oshodi, Lagos.
Ogunleye stated that apart from the fairly used clothes popularly known as ‘okrika’, which he sells in Ijora, he also sells clothes and shoes taken from their victims at night. He maintained that they target boutiques and surveyed the environment days before breaking into them at night.
Effiong in his confession to the police disclosed that although he hawks snacks in traffic, he teamed up with Ogunleye to rob at night.
He explained that he also robs in traffic at night, adding that he has snatched many mobile phones in traffic in Oshodi Oke, Bolade and PWD while hawking snacks.
The two suspects who couldn’t give the specific figure of houses and boutiques they have broken into confessed that their operations have been more restricted to Ibafo and Mowe because they feared they would be arrested if they attempted to rob in Lagos.
Ogunleye noted that he met Effiong in February 2019 in Oke - Koto, Agege. He stated that their discussions on how to survive the nation's economic realities made them team up.
He further maintained that before he met his colleague, he had been operating alone limiting himself to Ibafo and Mowe. “I dont rob or burgle houses and boutiques everyday. Whenever I have money, I buy ‘okrika’ in Kotangoa market and sell them in Ijora, Lagos”.

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