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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Fans React After Didier Drogba Was Captured Using An Iphone 6

Retired footballer, Didier Drogba is currently trending on social media after he was spotted using Iphone 6.
Some Twitter users are now of the opinion that no one should feel pressured to own the latest gadget because, ”If Drogba, a multi-millionaire’ can still be using an Iphone 6, then no one should kill themselves over the latest Iphones.
Some reactions below;


Drogba still dey use IPhone 6 and you want to do ritual cos of IPhone 11..

Shey you have sense bayi!!! Better receive sense🙄

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If Drogba, a successful individual, is using iPhone 6 do you need bleed or kill yourself for iPhone 11.

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Ladies, this goes out to you. Do not 'KILL' your boyfriends or husbands with demands. You'll be demanding what's unreachable. Learn to be contended with whatever you have.

Drogba is a multimillionaire but still uses iPhone 6, but you with no brain wants iPhone 11 🤐😂

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Didier drogba is using iPhone 6 And his making millions
You that you’re redeeming $100 gift card is using 11pro max

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In this life, I mean inside life, do not let anybody rush you. See a successful man like Didier Drogba still using an iPhone 6!
If you can't afford the latest gadget in the market, you are not a failure

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