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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Update: ''IGP arrested my father and two others because I divorced his friend'' Nigerian lady cries out


Nasiba, daughter of Sani Dauda, a former chairman of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited, has accused the Inspector-general of police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, of using the police to harrass her father and two others because she divorced his friend and got married to someone else.

LIB earlier today, shared the story of a man being arrested for giving out his divorced daughter's hand in marriage. 

In an interview with The Cable, Nasiba accused the police chief of harrrassing her family because of her refusal to remain in a legally dissolved marriage with Abubakar Musa, her ex-husband whom she claims is a childhood friend of the IGP. She said she left her former marriage due to emotional and physical abuse.

Nasiba alleged that the policemen, who reportedly acted on the directive of the IGP, could not produce any warrant to effect the arrest of her father and two others on Monday November 11th. 

“They came over to the house with no warrant but a petition they claim was from my ex-husband. In the petition, he accused my dad of taking me away from him and marrying me off to someone else illegally. But this is not true. The marriage was dissolved at the court, and I got the divorce certificate. 
My ex-husband has chosen to humiliate me and my family. The IG sent five police vans to pick up my father, his lawyer and the judge that treated the case while he was praying in the mosque. They wanted to take me and my husband, but we weren’t around. 
Prior to that, the commissioner of police, Ali Aji Janga ,called my father and told him the IG has asked him to arrest him based on a petition sent by my ex-husband that my father has married me off to another man while he’s still married to me. But the CP told my father that he has advised the IG that this not a criminal offence and should not be treated as such. The IG insisted and told him to act on his instructions. My father is still at the police station with no arrest warrant and no explanation.
I don’t know why the IG is making this a criminal offence. I know my ex-husband is a childhood friend of the IG and he was also instrumental in his appointment as IG, but if the IG wants him married, he should marry off his own daughters to him'' The Cable quoted Nasiba as saying

Neither the spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Frank Mba, nor the spokesperson of the state police command, Yakubu Sabo, were available to comment on the allegation. 

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