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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Nigerians are dragging the heck out of Akin Alabi over his recent comments on Twitter

Nigerians are dragging the heck out of Akin Alabi over his recent comments on Twitter

Akin Alabi, a member of the House of Representatives who also doubles as Nairabet CEO is under alot of fire on social media over his recent Tweets.

Akin Alabi had Tweeted 'whether you like it or not, in a presidential system of government (eg, US, Nigeria), the post of the Chief of Staff is more “powerful” than that of the Vice President. He is the assistant President. The Vice President is a stand in for the president'.

Then in another Tweet, he wrote, 'we said start a blog and write articles 3 times daily, that it will pay off after some time but said it was hard work. Now you are “fighting” to sign up with Opera to write for them. I understand. Guaranteed income'.

A lot of Nigerians don't agree with his position on both topics and they've been dragging him on Twitter since last night.

See all the reactions below....
Eventuarry, Akin Alabi has proven to us again that adult education cannot fix some things in people's lives. I'll advice him to stay with his betting / Aja 1 business. Everybody knows he is an accidental politician.

I don't blame him, cluelessness is contagious.
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Just reading this Akin Alabi’s trend and I could tell for a fact that 80% of those insulting him don’t even understand the context and message of his tweet.

SAD ๐Ÿ˜ž
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Weighing in on the Akin Alabi conversation,
I ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ feel his point is that by the design of the Presidential system, it only empowers the vice president when the president is absent or indisposed, whl the office of chief of staff is empowered 2 discharge administrative duties -
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Akin Alabi and that Doctor guy have one thing in common.

"having an opinion in every matter and yet again sound stupid"
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Akin Alabi spews thrash right from when I knew him on this app, you’re blaming youths for signing opera deal while they can create their own blog?

Being a writer for a blog sometimes pays than owning a blog, if you’re not earning enough on your blog how do you pay your host ?
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Since According To Akin Alabi, Abba Kyari Is more Powerful Than Osinbajo

If something happens to Buhari Now; Abba Kyari will take over be that na

Since all of us want to be Stupid!
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If Akin Alabi wants to lick ass he should do it properly.

What do you mean by the "Chief of Staff is more powerful than the VP?" what are you smoking on?

Our Constitution grants the VP a joint mandate with the President.

See this Tinubu's boy.
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