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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

$ex For Grades: Journalist Who Exposed Lecturers Begins Receiving Death Threats

The BBC journalist responsible for the undercover investigation into s*xual harassment in universities,

Kiki Mordi, says she has received subtle threats since the report went viral.
According to Mordi, who was inspired by her personal experience which saw her dropping out of the University and yet to become a graduate, she is not bothered by those threats.
In a chat with SaharaReporters, she said,
“I have received subtle threats since this work was completed but I am not bothered because the BBC takes the security of employees seriously.
Before embarking on this project, the team prayed a lot and also sang because it helped to calm the nerves. But I had to go through the training I received over and over again because I wanted to get it right.
The biggest goal of this work was to be louder than the aggressor because s*xual harassment is very loud. I wanted it to be silenced.
I am happy that a lot is changing already since the documentary was release and I can confirm to you that one of the lecturers at the University of Lagos caught s*xually harassing a prospective student has been dismissed by the institution.
I believe it doesn’t stop there until there is a conviction. We have to break that culture of impunity.”

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