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Friday, September 13, 2019

CeeTheDj Crushing on 'Burna Boy'...Exclusive Interview With CeeTheDj

In an exclusive interview with Gisttube9ja Nigeria, --------- Meet CeeTheDj

Let’s get right into it.

*Disc jockeying, at what age did you decide you wanted to become a turntable guru?

Age !9

*Far and wide, could you tell us DJ’s that inspire you?

  DJ cuppy and DJ Brooke Bailey

*Where you born with a silver spoon,if No.... how has that affected your        career positively and negatively?

   No I wasn't born with a silver spoon,it has affected me positively because I     have learnt to be focused and strong over the years.

  *Do you believe in the possibility of "reading an audience" – and how do you    put  it into practise?

   Yes I do believe one has to study his audience because the goal is to satisfy     them, It wouldn't make sense if I'm playing and people are not feeling me like    it's sad but it happens's not easy trying to figure out what works    for your audience

 *What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

  Basically I search old and new music,I arrange my stuffs..create folders that I can use,I   just wait to see my audience then I get an idea and follow that idea.....

*Have you ever thought about taking a break or giving up at a point in your life?

 Nah I have never thought of giving up,like I said earlier I have been strong over the years  and I know I'm a go getter (smiles)

*Where do you go from here? What are your plans for the future?

 That's an interesting question because I ask myself that everyday,I wanna be the greatest  disc jockey so help me God

*Did your parent ever disapprove of your choice of profession?

  Uhm nah, matter of fact my mom has been very supportive she  encourages me in so many ways.

 *Let’s digress from official talk, who is your celebrity crush?

  Ouuuuu 'Burna Boy'

 *Please recommend two DJs to our readers which you feel deserve their attention.

  Two DJs let's Cee ......uhm I personally think there  are so many good DJs out there that deserves the   attention they are getting  but if you insist I mention names then I go with DJ cuppy and DJ kaywise .

*Lastly, could you tell your fans a shocking fact about you that is true… In the spirit of knowing you  better!!

 I don't really talk much but when I do I'm loud and crazy .My name "ceethedj" is actually "chisomthedj" I just put Cee for short and it's like that "ceethedj but a lotta people don't know that ! (winks)

 It’s been really nice chatting with you and getting to know you. We at Gisttube9ja Nigeria wish you continued success in all you do. Go on and conquer the world!


  1. DJ Cuppy come and see ooo

  2. How good are you Cee the DJ?

  3. Like have seen you played in Lagos.

  4. Please just come to London.

  5. It will be nice seeing you play at my event Abeokuta.

  6. My number Dj ....πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―...
    Success all the way😘😘😘