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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Nigerian Man Kills Long Cobra That Attacked His Farm

A man has taken to social media to showed off a long cobra snake he killed after it attacked his farm.
The cobra snake
A Nigerian man Atoley Baba on Nairaland has shared photos of a long snake he killed after it attacked his fowls.
Narrating the story, he wrote: 
"Two days after killing a small snake in the living room, I went into the farm to feed my hens, just to find out that a hen that was brooding was looking restless. When I checked where it was brooding on her eggs, that was when I saw this huge 6ft long snake. I think it's a cobra (first time of seeing a cobra in my life).
The man used the snake for peppersoup ahead of the weekend.
See more photos below: 

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