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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

43-Year-Old Widower Impregnates His 13-Year-Old Daughter

‘Evil is no longer there or is inside the ground but here with you and I. The high rate of moral decadence and impunity is more than alarming.

Alot are actually alive but their consciences are Dead and Buried.
A 43yr old Widower impregnates his 13yr old daughter somewhere in my community.
This is more than evil against Family values and humanity. I do not sanely think there could be any Justification for this act.
I have never subscribed to abortion but in this case, I don’t just know the best ethical perspective to handle this. This baby can’t come forth to ve his Sister as his mother and his Mothers Father as his own #Father. Good God.
Well I hope the elders take the necessary measures to cleanse the land of this desecration and not sweep this under the carpet.
I equally submit more stringent laws should be promulgated to ensure the safety of the Girlchild

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