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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Man Saved By His Seat Belt After His Car Fell Off A Bridge In Ghastly Accident

A man has thanked God for saving his life after falling off a bridge while driving home.
The car fell of the bridge
A Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @MrCoolJobs has shared his shocking experience after he cheated death in a ghastly motor accident.
The man was saved by his seat belt after his car fell off a bridge.
Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "Saturday (08/06/19) around 8:30pm, had this crazy accident where Izzy and I fell off a bridge... looking at these pictures again reminds me of how God can be faithful even if we ain’t. I’m really lucky and thankful to be Alive. 
PS: always remember to use your seat belt
Thank you Lord Jesus"
Read his tweet below: 

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