Sunday, December 3, 2017

The peoples. Democratic party must develop a solid ideology after this December convention...Olu Aluko

The "about to happen " PDP convention must not be akin to a chieftaincy title. The mind set and awareness of Nigerians to politics now deserves some moulding
For instance whoever emerges as party chairman must immediately assemble a team that will begin to forge a long lasting ideology for the party!

Now that it is obvious that for now the difference between PDP and APC is the difference between 6 and half a dozen there is need for a clear distinction !.
The same distinction that differentiated parties ideologically during the Awolowo days. 
For decades now individuals within the so called progressive party have dubiously attempted to lay claim to baba Awolowos legacy of establishing an ideology both for Upga/Action group more particularly for the now defunct unity party of nigeria!

All we have seen is crossing of individual from one party to the other mainly in pursuit of the 'golden fleece " and not really on principles and ideological biases! For 16 years PDP party has continually engaged in self blackmail aided by additional blackmail from the outside that saw the party fall from power!

What is the meaning of the slogan " PDP power"!! Or the more irritating accompanying slogan " share the money" which started out as a casual saying but now got the better of the party. Now, that slogan is a complete negative talk for it has been this "share the money" talk that has led to monumental corruption in governance We can no longer glorify corruption in this manner for corruption has dealt Nigeria and Nigerians a very bad card !

Our opponents who are not better in this corruption tag has continually attempted to stick the corruption tag on our party ! Clinging on to a now weak man Buhari as their passport to difference !! Its now becoming obvious to all that it is a con game filled with many rackets ongoing in this current administration. From grass cutting rackets to Mainagate and more !!

I watched as a young boy when our great sage chief Obafemi Awolowo sneaked into University of Ife at night assembling a group of intellectuals at the personal library of my father( he had converted his home garage into a library) Debating on the ideological base that was continuously being developed from the Sixties. Granted it was only water they drank throughout their fierce debate. Times have changed even if people are now prone to drinking a bit of spirits particularly at the end of a healthy debate towards the formation of a clear cut ideology" nothing spoil "

The fact now is that the PDP needs now moving forward a clear cut ideology that must distinguish us from the current set of racketeers we have in govt . masquerading themselves as a political party while continuing to demonize the pdp party through their media hitmen!

Fortunately for the PDP we have also our own media hit team and are ready to engage in "like for like unlike for unlike , unfriend for unfriend block for block and propaganda for propaganda.!we all know ourselves very well now!

The big advantage PDP has is that the leaders within the political party know the importance of the party While the leaders in Apc party spearheaded by Buhari in reality does not. truly believe in political party politics anymore. They have used the party to realise their individual dream and are now just playing party! The new thinking has a military base to it. The actual people with the power the presidents men don't really regard their party. What they appear to be interested in is raw power. Today their party chairman is embattled. Their Humpty Dumpty is only currently held by one man the Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu! Up till recently he was not finding it funny. Till Buhari realised at the rate he is going now has a nomenclature heading for a defeat in most subsequent elections including the 2019 presidential elections!

Pdp needs that added ideological base to cement the Party. Apc for now is really not a party A party in power that had not met for years.All their members were doing was hatching one conspiracy or the other setting a very terrible example on how our democracy should developed !

How can we tolerate this kind of negative example.
No! we must move against this example of daily conspiracy which is an I'll wind that is not blowing the country any good

The peoples democratic party must now seize the December 9th moment and get our democracy back on track for at the moment what we are running under this APC govt is a complete sham!!

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