Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Man Forces His Wife and Her Lover to Do a N*ked Photoshoot After Catching Them Cheating

A man has forced his own wife and her lover to do a n*ked photoshoot after catching them red-handed cheating in bed.
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A Zimbabwean man, Simba Matarirano was recently made a fine example of what happens when you’re caught cheating with a married woman.
According to iHarare, Simba, who hails from Gokwe Manoti was caught right in the middle of the act with the woman’s husband. As a form of punishment he forced the two of them to strip and recorded a video of them in their birthday suits.
According to sources, the husband was tipped by his friend that his wife was cheating on him and he had to come back from Durban where he had been working to support his family.
The husband stayed with his friend for two days so he could spy on his wife unobserved and confirm that she was cheating indeed.
On the second day, Simba resumed his visit to the woman’s homestead unaware that the husband was on alert. At around 4 am in the morning the husband went to his home and busted the two lovers who were busy in the fact.
Witnesses say the husband initially wanted to stab Simba but he decided against it fearing arrest and ngozi spirit. Instead he subjected them to a humiliating photo shoot without their clothes and posted the photos on social media.
Simba and his lover are yet to comment on the issue and give their side of the story.

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