Tuesday, July 25, 2017

See the Beautiful Muslim Woman R*ped and Gruesomely Murdered for Falling in Love with a Man

Beautiful photos of the innocent Muslim woman who was brutally r*ped before being murdered for falling in love have been circulated on social media.
Celine Dookhran was r*ped and murdered for falling in love with a man
Photos of the beautiful Muslim woman identified as Celine Dookhran, 19 who was found r*ped and murdered inside a £1.5million South London house after her friend managed to escape despite having her throat slit in the same attack has been revealed.
Before her death, Dookhran who is an Indian Muslim make up artist was dragged from the shower and Tasered before being r*ped and murdered in an alleged 'honour killing' because she fell in love with an Arab Muslim, a court has heard.
She was killed for falling in love with an Arab Muslim her family members did not approve because they were Indian Muslims. 
Narrating the story how Dookhran was killed, the survivor, who is in her twenties, claims she heard her friend scream as she was dragged from the shower and stunned with a Taser before she herself was taken from her bed. 
The victims were bound with duct tape and rope and had socks shoved into their mouths before being rolled up into dust sheets and thrown into a vehicle by two men in balaclavas.
They were driven five miles to a house under renovation before Miss Dookhran was raped and murdered – but the second woman fled.
Mujahid Arshid, 33, appeared before magistrates in Wimbledon yesterday charged with the murder, r*pe, and kidnap of Miss Dookhran and the attempted murder, r*pe and kidnap of the second woman. Vincent Tappu, 28, was charged with the kidnap of both.
District Judge James Henderson remanded Tappu, of Ealing, west London, and Arshid, who gave no fixed address, in custody. Arshid will appear at the Old Bailey on Wednesday 28 July. Both men are due to appear at the same court on August 21. Ms Dookrhan was born in Wandsworth, London in 1996 and her Twitter account points to her being a keen make-up artist.  

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