Monday, July 31, 2017

"Our Children Are Behaving Strangely"– Parents Of Rescued Lagos School Boys Cry Out

The parents of the recently rescued students of Lagos State Model College, Epe have cried out stating that their children are behaving strangely.

Recall that the six students were abducted and kept by their abductors for 64 days before regaining their freedom.

The parents explained that their children are beginning to exhibit strange characteristics as some were reported to have become prayer warriors.

Most of the parents who spoke to TheNewTelegraph stated that they have been warned not to speak to journalists adding that there are security agents tailing their every move.

The parents also reported that they have been warned not to trouble their children into revealing their ordeal in the hands of their abductors.

Two of the fathers of the six students – Agbaosi Judah, Jonah Peter, Philips Pelumi, Adebanjo George, Yusuf Faruq and Ramon Isiaka – expressed worry over their children as one of the fathers explained: 
“There is something wrong with my son; but I really can’t place my finger on it. We’re still observing him. Medically, they are still treating them. There is no way the children will go to such a place without any possible ailment in them, although we give thanks to God. 
“My son was a once a free child and lively, suddenly, he is withdrawn and exhibiting strange attitude. We are noticing some strange habits.”
When asked if he would allow his son return to school, the father said: 
“It’s in the hands of my son, not me. The decision belongs to him alone.”
The second father also expressed worry over the behaviours exhibited by his son as he stated that since about midnight of Friday when his son was released, his son had been exhibiting signs of fear and psychological trauma.

He said;
“He is just looking at everyone and doesn’t even talk. That sad experience, I must tell you, was too much for those children and I feel sad about it. 
“In fact, because of the situation, his mother had to take him away from the house to avoid further pressure on him.”
Speaking to TheNewTelegraph on whether he will allow his son return to school, the father said;
“If you were in my shoes, would you allow your child to return to such a school? Anyway, that is not the issue for now, my prayer is that he should recover fully first, after which we can think of which school to go.”
Another of the released school boys’ mother said;
“My son told me that they were threatened only once. He said they had many fun times and not too pleasant ones too with their abductors. He said that the men sometimes showed care and affection to them. 
“As they moved from one creek to another, the children were taught how to swim by one of the kidnappers and how to manoeuvre water body in the creeks.” 
“We were told not to ask them questions unless they naturally tell us their stories. Psychologists said we should not bother them with issues bordering on their traumatic experiences in the creeks. They don’t want them to continue to have the fear. 
“In fact, one of them (kidnappers) gave my son a belt which he was using. We had to remove and throw it away. We promised to get him another belt. We told him he couldn’t take anything from the kidnappers. 
“He said that the kidnappers never maltreated them. The only time they were threatened was when the kidnappers shot into the air. 
The following day, the kidnappers explained that they were threatening them for a purpose.”
Another of the parents, Mr. Agbaosi said;
“I was surprised when my son, Judah, knocked on my door Saturday morning and requested that we should come out for prayers. 
“Before his abduction, he was not the type that likes joining us in Morning Prayer. Saturday morning, he just walked straight to my room, knocked on my door and asked his mother and I to come out for prayers. 
During the prayer, he prayed for everybody, including his teachers and colleagues in school. 
“After the prayers, I asked him when he had become a prayer warrior; he replied that the kidnappers taught them how to pray in the creek. 
He also asked me if I would allow him to return to the school, I told him the decision would be between his mother and I.”

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