Monday, July 24, 2017

How I Taught a Slay Queen a Bitter Lesson - Nigerian Man Narrates Experience

A Nigerian man has narrated how he humiliated a slay queen he invited her over to his plans which ended in serious drama.
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A Nigerian man has taken to Nigerian Forum, Nairaland to share a shocking experience how he dealt with a slay queen who thought she could outsmart him. The unnamed man took time to narrate how the incident happened.
Read the story below:
I was in a bus on my way home when I spotted a really nice figure 8 lady strolling in the dark. I was close to my bus stop so I alighted quickly to meet the girl. Surprisingly, she was very polite and I enjoyed the little chat we had together. It was really dark that night, so I couldn’t see her face clearly. I got her number and we fixed a date to meet by the pool side of an hotel in the neighborhood.
D-day came and I called her. Her phone was switched off. Towards 6pm, she flashed then I called her again. She apologized then asked if we could still meet that late to which I obliged. That was when she chipped in that her friend will accompany her.
No shaking
I told her there was no problem about that. With the new development, I decided to tell my friend to accompany me too.
I got to the hotel with my friend and still had to wait for 45minutes before they showed up. Next was a call on my phone telling me that they are outside. On getting there, what I saw was made me weak. Her face was scary but the curves tho…
Her friend was like an old woman or a vulture. They were still doing shakara that they can’t enter. Perhaps, they wanted me to beg them. I just turned and went inside. No one told them to follow me in.
To shorten that episode, I bought drinks and meat worth 3200. Immediately they finished their drinks, they got up and left. Maybe they thought we were going to tell then to follow us home.
Wow, smart!
The following Sunday, she agreed to come to my house. Sounded nice till she disappointed by ensuring her line was not reachable. She did that for 2 more Sundays then I had enough. What angered me is the fact that when it’s 30minutes to the time she’s suppose to come, she calls to remind me. Now when it’s time, her phone becomes switched off. At first, I thought it was just coincidence till I noticed that she has been avoiding to give me her friends number cos my friend had been disturbing me for it. When asked how he would deal with the vulture, he said he would use pillow to cover her face or make her face the wall.
Well, I decided it would be best I pay her in her own coin. And all though the amount I spent was small, plus the fact that part of it went into I and my friend’s belly, I still felt it would be best to teach her a nice lesson. If she’s not taught a lesson, she might repeat the same trick on another humble fellow.
I called her on a weekday to tell her I was having my birthday the following day and that the celebration will be at Ikeja shoprite. I also told her I will be buying her some provisions at shoprite after the celebrations and that she should come with 2 friends of hers. I could almost feel the way she was smiling, giggling and praising me by calling me baby.. sweetheart.
D-day came and I called her that I’m already there with 2 friends of mine. She first doubted cos she couldn’t hear any sound of bubbly activities. But when I handed the phone to my friend who knew about the plan, she believed thinking we were really at shoprite.
Few minutes later, she called to tell me they were at the car park in shoprite Ikeja. I told her to give me a minute that I will come meet them.
Since then, she has left my phone with over 30 missed calls.
The idea is to make her vomit the amount she thought she ate from me, no matter how little it was. She was smart at first by bringing her friend to come “chop him money”. Now, that amount she chopped has been spent on transporting to shoprite with the hope of eating and going home with big yellow nylon bags. Oh, I forgot to add the embarrassment she and her friends will feel when they did not See Me.
I know some people might want to call me out saying “is it because of the small money you spent?”
Well, nothing you say will stop the joy I derived from teaching a slay queen a lesson.
See Me see missed calls:

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