Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Police Cadets Caught On Camera Having Sex During Training Day. Photos/Video

Two randy police cadets have been caught on CCTV appearing to have sex during a training day. The pair were filmed canoodling in the gym at the NCO training school for up-and-coming officers in Puno, Peru. According to reports, the trainee officers are now facing the sack after the X-rated footage was shared on Facebook, shocking the South American nation.
They could be banned from the the National Police of Peru.

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In the slightly blurred footage, the pair can be seen kissing while wearing their training uniform of white tops and black trousers. The man then starts to undress the woman while they continue kissing.

He takes off her top and her bra as they grow more passionate. The woman then ends up completely naked and the man gets comfortable on a sofa as the woman straddles him. The footage shows the pair moving to the nearby sofa where they apparently start to have sex.

The pair could face a huge disciplinary as a result of bringing a "scandal" upon the force before even becoming fully fledged officers, reports Peru REC.

The pair have not been identified yet and police chiefs are yet to comment.

Watch Video Below;

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